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Spirit Path Medicines
“The great sea has sent me adrift. It moves me as a weed in a great river.
Earth and spirits carry me away and move my inner heart with joy!”

— Eskimo Woman Shaman

Spirit Path Medicines, are ancient practices used for the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. These practices focus on the spiritual aspects of illness and dis-ease and have been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers, referred to by various titles such as medicine women, medicine men, elders or shamans.

In many indigenous cultures and traditions, everything that exists is seen to be alive and has the ability to communicate. An energetic web connects all life and spirit lives in all things. Humans, animals, plants, stones, mountains, and the elements, Earth, the Stars: each is Spirit. Everything is Sacred. Since all is interconnected, respectful relationship is essential for the health of the community and the individual.

The anthropological term “Animism” describes this view that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans but also in each individual manifestation of the natural environment. Each facet has its own thread in this web of light and life. Humans are seen as a part of nature’s tapestry, not separate or superior to it.

This ancient frame is analogous to the Quantum view of energy and light. Nothing is separate and any action affects the whole. Time and space are relative, subjective and our “consensual” reality is but one of infinite possibilities.

Spirit Path Medicines may also be known as Shamanic Healing Practices. Shamanism and Shamanic practices, coexist in many cultures alongside of established religions. Virtually every land honors their spirit medicine people, healers and shamans.

It is important to recognize the difference between traditional shamanism and modern adaptations, and our responsibility to not copy or imitate tribal or cultural customs unless we have permission and personal instruction. Yet, I believe we each carry within ourselves this capacity and birthright: to personally and directly connect to spiritual guidance, and to experience some level of what has been termed the Mystical or Shamanic state of consciousness.

These spiritual paths are thousands of years old, and if we traced our ancestral lineage far enough, we would find that we all came from a culture holding a shamanic heritage. Studying the wisdom of our own ancestors as well as honoring the teachings of indigenous cultures creates the groundwork for respectful and empowering healing for the whole.

In the past half-century, there has been a reawakening and interest in these ancient healing paths. I believe this modern revival of Spirit Path Medicines, Mysticism and Shamanism has been accelerated by the deep-rooted need or even urgency many are experiencing to return balance and healing to our relationship with each other and with the Earth.

The Shaman

Early writings about Shamanism used the Tungus Siberian peoples’ word “Saman” to describe a man or woman who has become a healer or seer through initiation, visions or intensive training. Often the person was “called by the spirits” to engage in this work and might have suffered through illness or near death experiences before accepting their role. Woundedness often provides a doorway into power and healing.

The word “Shaman” refers to the Tungus definition of “one who sees in the dark, one who sees with the light/inner eyes” and also one who at will, has learned to walk between the worlds and enter relationship with compassionate spirits who desire to be of assistance.

The Shaman gathers information in a “journey“ which is an intentional and altered state of awareness similar to deep meditation or deep prayer. The journey trance is often facilitated through the sound of a rapid drumbeat, rattle or other percussive device.

According to some scientific studies, this “sonic driving” appears to entrain or synchronize both halves of the brain and moves brain activity into a high theta or low alpha brain wave pattern. It is interesting that this quick, 7.5 cycles/beats per minute most often used to support the journey trance, is the same as the electromagnetic resonance frequency of the earth.

During this journey the Shaman travels outside of normal time and space to work in partnership with Spiritual Teachers, Guides and Spirit Helpers and to receive guidance about what is in need of healing. Often, the Shaman observes the healing that is provided in spiritual reality and then bridges this, and other information back to the client. The Shaman does not “believe” in spirits; it is not a question of faith. Shamans personally interact and work with compassionate spirits for the benefit of others.

In ancient times, the shaman’s ability to see the unseen and receive visions helped heal the sick, identify medicinal plants, resolve conflicts, find herds of animals to hunt, find lost people, help the dying transition out of life and provide safe travels for the tribe. The title “Shaman” was given by the community to one who was skilled in these various forms of healing and guidance. Each community may have had a number of “Shamans” with their own areas of expertise.

Just as indigenous Shamans have provided practical guidance for the needs of the community, Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic practices continue to be relevant and powerful because the practice evolves to meet our changing needs.

Shamanic Healing Continues to Complement Traditional and Alternative Health Care Practices. It Does Not Replace Them.

The Shamanic and Spirit Path View of Illness

In our modern times, a “Shamanic Practitioner” uses their intention, gifts, training and knowledge of visioning to facilitate healing of the spiritual aspects of physical and psychological illness. This supports the restoration of Sacred Balance to the client.

From the Shamanic perspective, the main causes of illness are Dis-empowerment and Soul Loss. These states appear within us in response to negative or traumatic life experiences, or when we make significant choices that are not in alignment with our wisest self. We may also carry the imprint of these woundings via our ancestral lineages.

Either of these states begins with or leads to disharmony, which in turn affects our energetic matrix rendering us more vulnerable to physical illness, psychological and emotional struggles. Illness is viewed holistically and assessment is tracked via the alignment of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. Ultimately, the origin of illness is spiritual and this is the rift that is healed via Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic practices.

Cross culturally, most Shamanic healing focuses on the following aspects: Power Loss, Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Intrusions, Spirit Releasing, Ancestral Work and other methods particular to culture or tradition, or given to the practitioner by his or her guides and teachers for use in healing.

All healing is Spirit directed. The practitioner is the channel, whether participating in the healing modalities or bridging the healing back to the one who has stated their intention and asked for the healing.

Any of the Spirit Path practices may be included in a healing session and frequently a healing will include more than one modality.

Since beginning my work as a Shamanic Practitioner, I have been most often led, guided and taught Soul Retrieval methods and the careful bridging of soul essence back to the client along with information to support integration and return to Wholeness.

The Healing Session

As a shamanic practitioner, my first task is to carry the request for healing to my spirit helpers and guides, gain information about the situation, preparation guidance for myself, the client or the healing space, the spirit helpers that offer to be of assistance and types of healing that will be facilitated. This is called a Divination Journey and the information provided may include best timing for the session and recommended practices for the client to observe prior to the scheduled healing ceremony.

If the client is asking for a particular form of healing, such as Soul Retrieval or Ancestral Healing, I will hold this request as I engage in the Divination Journey. Because this work is 100% Spirit directed, any of the Spirit Path Medicines or Shamanic Healing modalities may be guided for use in the healing session. Each of these modalities address one aspect of the Whole. Sometimes we need to attend to a particular area before another healing form will be beneficial.

During the actual healing session, I travel to the Spirit Worlds, connect with my helping spirits, observe, participate and bridge the Shamanic healing back to the client’s body. While I am Journeying on the client’s behalf, what I experience or perceive is most often symbolic. Many times the information and healing revealed to me can sound like a myth or a fairy tale and the information I offer may take this form. I cannot perceive experiences you are not ready to know.

Our healing journey is entirely our own. I absolutely trust that self-discovery will unfold as is most helpful.

Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic Healing Practices can
be provided in my office, on-site or via long distance.

Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic Healing Modalities

Power Augmentation

Many cultures and traditions believe we are either born with one or more helping spirits who accompany us throughout our life, or before adulthood, we are led to engage in vision quest or other rite of initiation to seek personal connection with a spirit helper. These helping spirits may be called Power Animals, or Guardian Spirits and they offer and provide power, protection and support for our physical and spiritual vitality. Each of these helping spirits has certain gifts/medicines that support, inform and inspire.

Sometimes a helping spirit will enter our life to aid in particular way and then leave again. At least one helping spirit is meant to accompany us throughout our life, but sometimes that connection is broken.

A Power Animal or Guardian Spirit Retrieval locates and restores a source
of lost personal spiritual power, without which you may feel lost, luckless,
dispirited, challenged by making choices or lacking in joy or vitality.

Soul Loss

One might describe “soul” as that essence which provides the energy and vitality to support and empower our lives. Soul Loss is an adaptive mechanism. During a traumatic event, a part of our essence, our light, may split off so that we can utilize our remaining resources to survive the trauma. In our modern society, trauma and emotional splitting can come in many forms including emotional, physical, sexual abuse, assault, divorce separation, loss, accidents, illness, surgery, wartime experiences, natural disasters, loss of job, status, life cycle transitions…the list goes on.

Sometimes we experience soul loss because we give part of our vital essence to someone else or allow them to take it from us. This may happen because we believe if “I give myself away” it will somehow help the other or “make them” love or care for us.

The “other” may steal or hold onto someone else’s essence out of desire to control or disempower in some way. No one can use our vital essence except our self: it is soul-printed to our self, alone. The result of soul theft is an unhealthy connection to another person that can feel uncomfortable and stuck.

Trauma and its results are subjective. Someone suffering from Soul Loss, may describe themselves as feeling “not all here” or having “lost part of myself” or “never feeling put back right, or not quite the same” since any event described as traumatic or a deep loss.

Symptoms of Soul Loss May Include:

Chronic Depression
Apathy, Numbness, Lack of Vitality, Fatigue
Unhealthy Connection to Any Individual in the Past
Feeling Disconnected from Life
Weakened Immune System
Feelings of Emptiness That You Seek to Fill with External Things
Difficulty Staying Present
A Tendency Toward Addictions or Destructive Behavioral/Emotional Patterns

Soul Retrieval, Soul Essence Integration, Soul Remembering

When a Soul Essence fragments during a trauma, the Soul Part seeks a safe haven somewhere in the spirit worlds. A young soul part is sometimes cared for by a spirit helper, ancestor or guide. Since the spirit worlds are outside of relative time, the soul part may not know the trauma has passed and so not return to the individual.

Sometimes soul fragments do naturally return and there are practices to connect to and call these parts to your self. But when traumatic events or their aftermath are ongoing, “parts” will not integrate and are unlikely to remain. One important role of the Shaman has always been to go in search of where the soul essence has fled and return it to the body of the client. Once the soul essence has been retrieved, it is the client’s task to integrate the soul essence into their self. This is accomplished in part, by the client committing to those changes and life choices that support healing and empowerment. A spirit helper or guide may return with the soul essence providing additional support to aid the integration process.

Specific information, practices or ceremony may be given to lovingly welcome the soul part home and support integration.

Over many years of bridging this modality, I find that the soul essence that had fragmented always returns with gifts, including access to talents and creativity. Some individuals feel an immediate beneficial change; for others the shift in awareness dawns more slowly.

During Soul Retrieval or at another time, Soul Remembering is sometimes offered to the client along with the returned Soul Essence. Soul Remembering often includes a visual image provided by the “High Soul” to present to the client as a reminder of who “they are,” the life tasks they have set for themselves, and the gifts they carry at their Core-Soul level.

After Soul Retrieval, many people report feeling more whole, grounded in their bodies and more at home in the world. They often discover it is easier to access their creativity and innate gifts, to feel hopeful, peaceful, strong and empowered. They often express more willingness and ease in letting go of unhelpful patterns and making choices from an awareness of personal integrity and authenticity.

Of the many forms of Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic Healing Practices available, I am most often guided to facilitate Soul Retrieval and Soul Essence Integration.

I have bridged the return of Soul Essence for individual adults, teens, children, and infants and for “places” that have been injured by manmade or natural disaster. It is a great gift to see the changes that ensue when one self or place becomes inspirited: full of spirit again.

Other Spirit Path Medicines

Spiritual Extraction:

When a person experiences Soul Loss or Power Loss, the integrity of the individual life energy matrix may be compromised, creating openings though which misplaced energy has taken root. This can include self-defeating thoughts, and acceptance of other’s negative beliefs, blame, shame, psychic darts and arrows. The expression of “being stabbed in the back,” is more than a simple metaphor. An intrusion can manifest as a localized pain or strong, negative belief about one self. A spiritual extraction involves removing and releasing the intrusion, clearing the affected area and is generally followed by a power retrieval or soul retrieval.

Ancestral Work and Healing:

Our blood lineage has woven through our own bodies the lives of our ancestors. This includes their joys and talents, as well as patterns of abuse, addiction, ill health, debilitating family beliefs or emotions. We are often unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act. This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health and other traits passed down through generations. Sometimes “themes” are observed such as health problems or accidents appearing along the male or female lineage. Examples include many men of the family experiencing the same kind of illness at a similar age, or many of the women experiencing a back injury, also when reaching a particular decade.

From a Shamanic perspective these traits are seen as energetic imprints woven into the spiritual matrix that supports our personal life. Many people with traumatic family histories benefit from ancestral healing before personal healing can occur. A number of Spirit Path Medicine Modalities may be utilized in this healing including Spiritual Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Spirit Releasing of deceased relatives.

Sacred Art of Dying Consciously and Psychopomp:

Spirit Path Medicines is a natural and time-honored way of helping the individual prepare for the death transition. Fear of the dying process is lessened when the individual is gently assisted into relationship with their own sources of spiritual guidance and wisdom and when these resources then guide the passage from life to death. Shamanic traditions also include practices that can support the individual and the family in psychological and emotional closure.

The word “Psychopomp” originates from the Greek words, pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul or mind). The term, “Psychopomp” is generally used to describe a guide who escorts souls to the afterlife. It can also relate to guiding the healing transition in other ways and for this reason, I may also refer to this work as Spiritual Midwifery.

For a variety of reasons, some individuals remain earthbound after death. Sometimes a traumatic death, a deep attachment to a person, or strong desire to complete unfinished business may interfere with the soul’s ability to cross over to the Light where then can continue their soul’s journey. In many traditions, the shaman, medicine man or woman, and sometimes the entire tribal group are called upon to help the soul move forward.

If You Wish to Request In-Person or Long Distance Services
Related to Sacred Dying or Psychopomp Work
Please State That in Your Initial Call or Email.

Spirit Path Medicines and Psychotherapy

My professional orientation as Transpersonal Psychotherapist and my personal healing experiences in practicing Spirit Path and Shamanic practices, has created a natural interest in how these modalities might intersect and support the other. Spirit Path and the Shamanic world view is ultimately about empowerment, humility, taking responsibility in a reverent and respectful way with our own life and maintaining harmony and balance within our self and in relation to the web of life of which we are part. Beneficial psychotherapy seeks a similar outcome.

Regardless of how it manifests, Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual aspects of disease. It doesn’t matter if symptoms are manifesting emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Everything is tied together.

Though beneficial results can manifest on any level, Shamanic Healing is performed on the Spirit level of reality, thus bypassing the critical, analytical mind and moving directly into the greater landscape of the soul. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I know that once the critical function of the brain is set aside, the more spacious view of who we are can be accessed, nourished and accepting of healing and change.

Also consider: Psychotherapy and Counseling can only interact with “who” is in attendance. In particular, Soul Essence Retrieval can bring “more” of the individual into the room; present and able to engage in daily life and the therapeutic work.

Perhaps because of my background as a Licensed Psychotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I most often find the clients who contact me for Spirit Path work, are struggling with depression, loss or grief, anxiety, low self esteem, unhealthy relationships and/or have a history of trauma.

Clients often find me when they are feeling stuck in their symptoms and other approaches have not been effective: or other modalities have helped for a time and then symptoms returned.

It is difficult to predict how successful a healing session might be. In most cases, a session can jumpstart and empower the healing process. It is important to commit to daily use of any tools or gifts provided via the healing session to support the momentum of the integration provided in the session. The effects of the healing will be short lived if you do not take responsibility for your own work.

I purposely use the word “healing” rather than “curing.” Having worked for many years in in-home Hospice, and also in a hospital setting as an Interfaith Chaplin (in training), it is clear that one can be “healed;” that is feel whole, complete and at peace, whether or not “curing” has manifested.

If clients are interested, I will teach personal Shamanic Journeying practices. Journey and therapy can be integrated in many ways such as facilitating connection with one’s own guide or teacher, gaining information to aid positive decision making, and working with troublesome dreams or individuals in the safe landscape of the spirit worlds.

Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic Healing Practices can
be provided in my office, on-site or via long distance.

In-Person Healing Session—What to Expect in My Office

A healing session typically lasts about one hour. If information is given via the Divination Journey to provide a longer session, we will make additional time available.

You may come by yourself or bring friends, family members or a supportive therapist or practitioner to your session. What is important is that you bring only, those people with whom you feel nurtured, safe and supported and who are respectful of Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic healing.

We begin by briefly exploring current goals for healing and other questions you might have. Once the direction is set, I begin by doing a brief opening ceremony as directed in the Divination Journey. We may step out to the garden area just off my office to clear or smudge ourselves. I will ask you to lay down in a comfortable manner. Each ceremony may be different, but most often, I then create a Sacred Space with prayer, song or invocation and usually rattle to connect with spirits of the directions, guides and teachers, asking that they provide healing in the best way for you at this time in your life.

In partial trance supported by the sound of the drum, I am guided to directly engage with the helpings spirits to facilitate healing for you, and then bridge back additional healings done by other spirits, guides, teachers and helpers.

At the end of this work, the healing energy is channeled, sometimes by blowing it into the heart and crown of your head. If, during the healing journey I have been given information to share with you, I will offer this after the drumming has ended. At this time, I do not have a recording device in my office. If you would like to record this information, please bring a recorder or writing journal for yourself. If you have brought someone to accompany you, I suggest you allow that person to take notes if need be, while you simply close your eyes, and listen.

After the healing ceremony, I will discuss any “homework” or recommended lifestyle changes suggested to support your healing process. We will also explore self-nurturing awareness for the remainder of the day.

Remember to utilize no drugs (except those for which you have a prescription) or alcohol for at least twenty-four hours before and after the healing session. Please ask before hand if you have questions about this. The healing modalities provided are a first step: the remainder of the work is your responsibility in collaboration with your own positive choices and spiritual resources.

I encourage you contact me within two weeks to discuss any effects you are experiencing from the work and to determine if additional Spirit Path work would be helpful. If you are working with other practitioners, please continue to work with them per your agreements.

Arranging a Spirit Path or Shamanic Healing Session

To Begin:

Call or email to schedule a free 20-minute phone session
to explore if these modalities may be helpful for you.

If You Wish to Request In-Person or Long Distance Services
Related to Sacred Dying or Psychopomp Work
Please State That in Your Initial Call or Email.

To Schedule an In-Person
Spirit Path Medicines or Shamanic Healing Session:

After we have completed our initial phone call, I will provide you with a Brief Questionniare, and Consent to Treatment. Please complete, sign and return to me via email or postal mail to my office.

Include with your mailed paperwork, or separate envelope, a check made out to “Willow Rose”
Or you may submit payment via Pay Pal.

Suggested Fee for In-Person Healing Services: $108 - $190
(No one turned away for lack of funds)

On the next page fill in your fee amout.

All of our work is strictly confidential. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and though I maintain my work as a Shamanic Practitioner separate from my Psychotherapy practice, I still honor and abide by my professional ethics and codes concerning confidentiality of client information.

Fee Includes Up to Two Hours of Services:
  • Initial Free, Scheduled 20-minute Phone Conversation
  • Divination Journey and Follow Up Call to You
  • In-Person Healing Session: 60 minutes or more
  • One Email or 15 Minute Scheduled Follow Up Phone Conversation
After receiving your fee and informational paperwork, I will engage in a Divination Journey to provide me with the information needed to schedule the healing session with you.

Divination Journey: I engage in this prior to our appointment. This Journey time focuses on carrying your healing request to the Compassionate Spirits, gathering information about the recommended healing treatments to be offered, establishing connection with the team of spirit helpers who will be of assistance and receiving any specific directions needed to prepare the healing space for our session. Sometimes specific information will be provided to you in preparation for the session. I will always contact you after the Divination Journey to confirm the healing is ready to be scheduled and to deliver any information provided to me to pass onto you in preparation for the healing.

In-Person Healing Session:
In-Person Spirit Path/Shamanic Healing Sessions are usually scheduled for about 60 minutes. If directed during the Divination Journey, I may ask that we schedule for a longer period of time.

Certain healing modalities may benefit from longer sessions. If I am traveling off site to meet with you in person, I will take transportation time into account when we plan our Healing Session appointment time.

Follow Up:
At the end of your healing session, we may schedule a follow up phone call or you may choose your own time to contact me via email or phone. It is beneficial to check in about your experience and any changes noticed within a few weeks after your session.

Read More: In –Person Healing Session-What to Expect

Long Distance Healing Sessions

There are times when it is not necessary or not possible to attend an in-person healing session in my office. There is no loss of energetic support and presence through long distance Shamanic healing work. Sometimes I find the work can be even more powerful because the interaction via voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of physical appearance. Shamanic work is done in the Spirit Worlds, the Dreamtime or if you will, the Holographic-Energetic Field of the Universe. Energy does not require touch to be effective.

All of our work is strictly confidential. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and though I maintain my work as a Shamanic Practitioner separate from my Psychotherapy practice, I still honor and abide by my professional ethics and codes concerning confidentiality of client information.

To Schedule a Long Distance
Spirit Path Medicines or Shamanic Healing Session

First, call or email to schedule an initial free, 20-minute phone session to explore if these modalities may be appropriate for you and if appropriate for long distance healing work.

Please advise at your initial contact if distance or other issues makes phone use impractical. We may be able to arrange services solely through email contact.

If you chose to schedule a session, I will email or mail you a copy of the Brief Questionnaire and Informed Consent Disclosure Document. Please complete, sign and return the paperwork to me.

Include with your mailed paperwork, or separate envelope, a check made out to “Willow Rose” Or you may submit payment via Pay Pal.

Suggested Fee for Long Distance Healing Services: $108 - $190
(No one turned away for lack of funds)

On the next page fill in your fee amout.

Fee Includes Up to Two Hours of Services:
  • Initial Free, Scheduled, 20 Minute Phone Conversation
  • Second Scheduled Phone Conversation of Up to 20 Minutes to Discuss the Information You Have Provided to Me on Your Questionnaire
  • Divination Journey
  • The Healing Journey
  • Scheduled Phone Conversation of Up to 20 Minutes to Discuss the Healing Journey
  • Written Description of the Journey
  • One Email or Scheduled, 15 Minute Follow Up Phone Conversation

After receiving your fee and reviewing your information, I will contact you to explore the information you have provided and update if anything has changed for you since submitting your request for services. I will also offer suggestions to support your receptivity during the time the healing work is performed and channeled to you.

Before ending this second conversation, we will schedule a time for a follow up phone call to be held after the healing session is completed.

Directly following this conversation, I will engage in the Divination Journey on your behalf; followed immediately after by the Spirit Path Medicines/Shamanic Healing Journey.

Divination Journey: I engage in this prior to the Shamanic Healing Journey. This Journey focuses on exploring your concerns, gathering information, establishing connection with the team of compassionate spirit helpers who will be of assistance and receiving any specific directions needed to prepare the healing space or myself for our session.

The Healing Journey: As with an in-person session, I begin with a clearing ceremony, using rattle or drum to call in the directions, spirits and helpers and then travel to the Sprit Worlds in order to connect with what I call your “spirit body”. As my helping spirits provide the healing work for you, I observe and participate as guided.

Immediately after this journey, I go to the computer and write out what I perceived and whatever information was provided to me to then pass to you.

At this time, I do not have recording devices in my office. In the future, when this option is available, I will audibly record journey information to you if you prefer that mode to written.

During our next, already scheduled phone session, I will go over the healing journey with you and provide any spirit-given information that may help you integrate the healing work. After our conversation, I will mail or email you a copy of the journey for your records.

Sometime in the next few weeks, please check in. You may contact me via email or call to schedule a 15 minute phone session.

Remember that Journey Work occurs in the dreamtime and so what I am shown is most often symbolic in nature and the information I provide may mirror that. It is your task and privilege to become fluent with your own internal language and “unpack” this information in order to apply it to your own life.

Shamanic Journey Group

I currently facilitate a Shamanic Journey Group held about every six weeks on a Thursday Evening closest to the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Days.

Journeying is a mystical pathway rooted in humility, reverence and blessing. Intentional Journey teaches us to open the sacred portal within ourselves, discover spiritual guidance, gifts and wisdom for our communities and ourselves. There is a sweet power and support in learning these practices in a small group gathering. If it feels right for you, I invite you to join our circle.

Please See the Groups and Workshops Page for more information about ongoing groups, and upcoming workshops.

To Receive Email Notification of Upcoming Groups, Workshops and Other Events,
Please Join My Email List.

About Willow, Spirit Path Medicines and Shamanic Healing

I was born into a rich blood heritage liberally blended with Cultural Jewish Eastern European, Ukrainian, Hungarian, German, a sprinkling of Scottish (according to family legend), French and English. Especially important in my life was my maternal grandmother, who communicated with birds and they with her; and my paternal grandmother who, a Romani-Gypsy, held close the family secret that she carried some apprenticeship in the Romani Chovibhani (shamanic) tradition. Though we shared little of a common tongue, before her death, she chose to pass what she could of that tradition onto me.

Both grandmothers and my maternal grandfather considered themselves “people of the earth” and since a small child, I have also found myself deeply moved, comforted and and connected to the portals of nature, and the natural world. During a near death experience at the age of five, I become aware of compassionate spirits aiding me, including those beings of Nature and the Stars.

At the age of 16, I learned of “Shamanic” in a chance encounter with a self-described “Irish follower of the Old Way.” A few years thereafter, after moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i, I was given the opportunity to study Hawai’ian energetic healing practices with an elder in the community. He also offered me teachings from the Hawai’ian mystical tradition: respect, humility and self-discipline, the awareness of how all is connected, including our human responsibility and place in the tapestry of creation.

Hawai’ian teachings have intersected with opportunities to sit in circle with Native American, First Nations teachers of North and South America, Tibetan, Celtic and African elders and healers. I have studied the techniques of core shamanism (the Harner Tradition), but my inner guidance has primarily returned me to the Hawaiian mystical traditions and apprenticeship with those healing modalities.

This path is based in Humility, Reverence and Self-Discipline. It fosters conscious responsibility for oneself and active acceptance of one’s part in caring for the greater family of creation. It teaches and strengthens direct personal pathways for obtaining wisdom and guidance in support of our personal and collective soul journey.

I was called to this pathway early in life and I continue to feel humble and grateful for the opportunity to share these healings with others. I offer thanks and reverence for the gifts and teachings from Guides, Ancestors and Elders, in spirit or embodied forms, of all clans, nations and lands.

“E ola mau ka honua “May the Earth continue to live
E ola loa au I ke Akua may the spirits grant you long life
Ho’ iki a mai I ke ola. and may these blessings be manifested.
Amana, The Prayer has lifted,
Ua noa.” It is free.”
Used with Permission: Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.
Visionseeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge, 2001.

Copyright © 2008; Copyright © 2017. Willow Ann Rose - SpiritWell. All rights reserved.