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Soul Blossoming and Services Offered
“Everything flowers from within of self blessing:
Though sometimes, it is necessary. To reteach a thing its loveliness.”
— Galway Kinnell

I draw from my study and experience in Eastern, Western and Indigenous psychologies and wisdom traditions to offer a variety of skills and modalities to support the therapeutic process.

Some modalities may be offered individually when requested and when it might best fit your needs and goals. The decision to engage in a specific modality will always be left to you.

Soul Blossoming from Within~ The Mystic Life

Mysticism is a universal approach to “Life and Spiritual Mystery” that respects the wisdom of others, requires trusting our own experience and holding both perspectives from a heart-filled space of wise discrimination and awareness.

The Mystic Life leads us to direct experience of our true, bright nature. We each have our own way to return to Connection with what some have called our High Self, Wise Self, Eternal Soul, Personal Creator/God/Goddess….(nameless and infinite names…). Like a seed that naturally grows toward its blossoming, we each hold within the template and pathway to remember ‘who we really are’.

My work and presence is strongly influenced by the Celtic teaching of the Anam Cara…the soul friend, who has learned to hold a compassionate container for the struggle and a mirror for your own brilliance, even if you can’t yet see it yourself. I may offer tools and support from the seeds I have gleaned from my own life journey. I may be provided intuitive guidance from my own spiritual resources and these I may offer with no expectations you must accept. Each life has it’s own path and most often, I am witness and midwife guiding your own journey of discovery, healing and reunion.

I have companioned others who hold diverse spiritual, religious, agnostic and atheist beliefs. Deep healing, peace and the roots of responsible and compassionate action ultimately arises from the personal relationship that is created with our own Wise Resources, by whatever name we use to describe this guidance.

I truly believe that Soul Blossoming ~Spiritual Unfolding is the foundation of all the modalities I offer and the lens through which I seek to be of most assistance to you.

Psychotherapy, Counseling and Soul Friending

“Medicine” whether mental, emotional or physically oriented utilizes are variety of descriptors, labels and jargon words often difficult to understand. In the mental health field, professional titles such as “Counselor” and “Therapist” are frequently interchangeable.

When beginning my practice I chose to use the word “Psychotherapy” to describe the services I offer. This choice was based upon the spiritual and deep psychology associations of the word and how the story of its origins best described the philosophy which underlie my practice and the variety of services I provide.

The word, “Psychotherapy” is Greek in origin. Psyche is the Soul. Originally a mortal, Psyche suffered many trials and was eventually granted immortality and reunion with Eros, her lover and Heart. Psyche’s travail is a metaphor for our inner journey from fragmentation to reunion with our Whole Self.

“Psych” in psychotherapy represents the human spirit journeying through suffering to healing. “Therapeia” meaning “service” and also “attendant” (theraps), provides an interpretation of “Psychotherapy” as a service to help a client move through suffering to healing and spiritual re-connectedness. I see my role as psychotherapist as a midwife of sorts, guiding this process toward Wholeness and manifestation of our highest human potentials.

“Soul Friending or Soul Friend” is a term recently, re-emerging from the Celtic tradition and described in Gaelic as “anam cara”. Philosopher and writer, John O’Donohue, has beautifully presented this tradition in his book, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom (HarperCollins Publisher, 1997).

O’Donohue relates that “anam cara” originally referred to a teacher, companion or spiritual guide, to whom you would “reveal your innermost self, your mind and your heart.” The sharing is “offered without mask or pretension.” This transparency, accepted by the soul friend with open hearted compassion and love, allows the other to experience a feeling of”recognition and belonging.” When we can recognize being held in this way, though it be by only one other, we can then more easily carry this acceptance into relationship with others, open ourselves to “exploration of the Great Mystery” and what is often the more difficult, be willing to create and accept a loving friendship within ourselves.

With thanks to John O’Donohue for reawakening us to this tradition, I seek to incorporate the essence and spirit of “Soul Friending” into the Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic healing services I offer.

Services Offered

The following are a sampling of modalities and influences that inform my work. You may also explore the Resources Page to further your exploration.

You may also call or email me to schedule an Initial 20 Minute complimentary Consultation to explore mutual “match” and how any of these services may be of assistance to you.

Transpersonal ~ Integrative Psychotherapy

Mindfulness ~ Contemplative Based Counseling

Transpersonal ~ Soul Guided Hypnotherapy

Spirit Path Medicines ~ Shamanic Practices

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